Cracking time in Krakow

I’ve just got back from Krakow, after a post-exam/post-thesis holiday. I can honestly say – what a cool city! I loved everything about it – the food, the drink, the people, the architecture. The place just seems to seep history. I travelled with a friend who had spent an Erasmus year in Krakow, so he knew the place well and was an excellent tour guide.

We visited the Rynek, Florian’s Gate, the Salt Mine at Wieliczka (complete with underground, fully functioning chapel) and so many other sights. A highlight for me was definitely our trip to Schindler’s factory, which has recently been redeveloped into a new museum dedicated to the German occupation of Krakow during the Second World War.

Aside from visiting museums and historical sights, Krakow has some great nightlife. In one bar we visited, we tried a drink that’s popular with local students – a shot of vodka, mixed with strawberry syrup and tabasco sauce on top! Craziness. And of course, a night out on the town wouldn’t be complete without eating a kebab at the end. My friend’s kebab had a distinctive Polish twist, with lots of cabbage and beetroot on it. My hamburger, also didn’t actually contain a burger and was in fact a kebab in disguise.

The hostel we stayed in was also brilliant – very cheap, extremely clean and modern. We shared a twin room at the Moon Hostel and it cost just 12.00 per person per night.


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